Community Service Work

Community service work can be ordered to you by the Judge and/or given to you as an option to work off some of your fines and costs (this must be approved by your Probation Officer first).

Your hours much be done at a NON-PROFIT organization. The hours cannot be done at any agency where you are affiliated (church, school, employment, etc.) and/or with anyone that you are affiliated with. 

It is your responsibility to make contact with the agency where you wish to complete your community service work and set up a work schedule with the contact person. 

Please be reminded that you are to treat your community service work just as you would a regular job. If there is an emergency and you cannot report for work as scheduled, you are to call the agency and notify them of the circumstances. 

Please note that these hours are to be completed in a timely manner. If you fail to complete the hours in a timely manner, your paperwork can be returned to your probation officer, which may result in a violation of probation. 

There may be an agency that is not listed where you may prefer to complete your community service hours, so if you aren’t sure if it would be approved or not you MUST contact your probation officer to get pre-approved. 

The actual community service log sheet can only be given to you by your probation officer. 

This is a list of  Pre-approved CSW Agencies (pdf)