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  1. 2024 Legislative Breakfast Registration Form
  2. Accounts Payable Authorization Form 2021

    Internal USE ONLY - Department Head Authorization

  3. Accounts Payable Authorization Form 2023

    Internal USE ONLY - Department Head Authorization

  4. Board Application Form

    a) Board and commission members have the responsibility to become familiar with the goals and objectives of the agency, and any state... More…

  5. Health Savings Account Employee Deduction

    Form used for employee to indicate payroll deduction into their Health Savings Account

  6. Parking Lot Sticker Request

    Designated parking lot stickers

  7. Request for Use of County Property Online Submittal

    Requests will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Since the areas available for events and exhibits are limited and the... More…

  1. Accounts Payable Authorization Form

    Internal USE ONLY - Department Head Authorization

  2. Accounts Payable Authorization Form 2022

    Internal USE ONLY - Department Head Authorization

  3. Asset Disposal

    Fill out form to dispose of an asset.

  4. FOIA Request for Public Records

    Michigan Freedom of Information Act, Public Act 442 of 1976, MCL 15.231, et seq.

  5. Inquiry

    PUBLIC COMMENT: an opportunity to address the Board of Commissioners.

District Court

  1. Enhanced Treatment (Mental Health Court) Pre-Screening Form

    Pre-screening form

  2. Sobriety Court Pre-Screening Form

    This form is to be completed for all persons arrested for Operating While Intoxicated 1st offense or higher

  1. Report Form

    Please fill out the form completely and send the form to your Probation Officer.

Drain Commission

  1. Call Out

    Callout Maintenance Record

  2. Pre-qualified Contractor
  1. Maintenance Request

    Use this form to request maintenance on a Lenawee County operated drain (tile repair, vegetation management, open drain cleanout, etc.)

  2. Request a Drain Payoff


  1. Appraisal Questionnaire

    Appraisal Questionnaire for Lenawee County Equalization.

  1. Commercial Reappraisal Questionnaire

    The Commercial Reappraisal Questionnaire for Lenawee County Equalization.

Health Department

  1. Document Request Form

    Use this form to request information from the health department on a property or food service located within Lenawee County. This... More…

  2. Health Department Criminal Background Check Authorization

    Completing this form will authorize the Health Department to conduct a criminal background check.

  3. How Did We Do?

    Please help us better meet your needs by telling us how we did today. Thank you!

  4. Lenawee County Health Department Confidentiality Agreement
  5. Movie Theater Ad Survey

    This survey will help us determine how many people have seen immunization ads at the Adrian movie theater.

  1. Food Handler Test
  2. Healthy Lenawee Community Cookbook
  3. Intern Application

    Individuals interested in an internship with the Lenawee County Health Department should complete this application which includes... More…

  4. Lenawee County Health Department Standards of Conduct Certification Statement
  5. Request a Lock Bag

Printing & Purchasing

  1. Printing Request Form

    Printing Orders

  1. Supply Request

    Supply Order Form

Prosecuting Attorney

  1. Bad Check Complaint Form

    Please contact our office at 517-264-4638 if you have any questions or need assistance.

  1. Victim's Request for Notification

    If you would like to receive notification of court events and other important information about your case, please complete and submit... More…


  1. Adding Personnel (Police Department)
  2. Citizen Complaint Form
  3. Explorer's Membership Application
  4. Fire Department LEIN Information Request:

    STATUTORY AUTHORITY Section 4 of the Act (MCL 28.214) provides that the Fire Chief of an organized fire department, or his or her... More…

  5. General Request
  6. Request for Alerts to be added to an address:
  1. Boater Safety Class Registration

    Register for Boater Safety Classes

  2. ETDB Meeting Dates
  3. Fire Department Apparatus Request:
  4. FOIA Request
  5. Remove Personnel (Police Department)

Solid Waste

  1. Lenawee County Solid Waste Monthly Tonnage Report

    Commercial Waste Haulers submission Form

  1. Seeking Volunteers!

    Volunteer opportunities: Recycling Drop Off Site: Spend a couple of hours at the drop off site answering general... More…