Who is going to benefit financially from this project?

Every resident in Lenawee County will benefit from this project.  Tax revenue generated from this project and the additional development surrounding the project in Adrian, Tecumseh, and the townships will follow and assist funding Lenawee County and local municipal programs and services for years to come.  

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1. Will the soil contamination on this site be an issue? What is being done to make the site safe for children to use?
2. What is being proposed in the facility? How many courts and fields? What size? What about ice rinks or a pool?
3. Why is this being built in Tecumseh? Was Adrian ever a consideration? What about the Adrian Mall? Why is it not centrally located in the county?
4. Who is going to benefit financially from this project?
5. Will the new facility take away revenue from existing facilities in Lenawee County?
6. Do we have the hotels, eating establishments, and other entertainment infrastructure to support this type of development in Lenawee County?
7. Do we have enough local sports teams to support this facility? Do we have the youth population to support this type of facility?
8. How will Tecumseh attract teams from outside of Lenawee County to come to tournaments in Lenawee County? Why would they travel from Detroit or Ann Arbor to Lenawee County?