What services will continue as a result of these renewals?

The Michigan Constitution and state laws require that counties perform certain functions. These are often referred to as mandated functions. Other services have evolved over time in Lenawee County because they met the needs of our citizens. Some of these services are:

  • Specialty Courts are not mandated but they provide a focused effort to meet the needs of certain offenders and they reduce the number of people in the jail and therefore the cost of running the jail.  These programs also reduce recidivism and save families and lives. 
  • The Economic Crimes Unit in the Prosecutor’s Office serves many purposes. The diversion program provides offenders with a means of meeting their obligations without a criminal record. The program recovers lost monies for local businesses that would otherwise be uncollectable. This is not a mandated service.
  • Senior services in the county include centers, in-home care and transportation to appointments. The home delivered meal program alone delivers over 800 meals daily. Lenawee County’s investments in senior services are really pay back for the tremendous investment our seniors have made in this community.
  • The Sheriff Department road patrol provides law enforcement coverage for most of the townships and also provides coverage for some smaller villages. While not a mandated function it is a very important part of investing in safe and secure communities.
  • The Lenawee County Sheriff’s Central Dispatch, dispatches for fourteen different police agencies and eighteen fire departments. Along with normal calls, the Center is also responsible for all emergency radio and 9-1-1 calls within the county. Clear and concise radio communication between dispatch and responding units is key in emergencies. In 2017 Lenawee County Commissioners approved the plan to upgrade from a VHF radio system to an 800-MHz system. The new system installations included having two new towers built, as well as providing 989 vehicle-mounted and portable radios and related equipment for all the city and township police and fire departments within the county. Having these updated communication systems are critical in saving lives, protecting property and serving communities.
  • Maurice Spears Campus provides a youth detention facility in the county so that we do not have to send juvenile offenders out of county. While care of children is a county responsibility it is not mandated that each county maintain its own youth detention facility.
  • Lenawee County’s contribution to Lenawee Now to promote economic development is a major investment in job attraction and retention. Lenawee County is by far the largest public sector contributor to Lenawee Now and has continued that commitment even in the face of significant budget cuts, however, this is not a mandated service.
  • MSU Extension and 4-H programs are a big part of growing up in rural Lenawee County. The investment by Michigan State Extension and Lenawee County in educational and development programs offered is a benefit to the entire county and the leadership programs are an investment that last a lifetime. While funds spent on Extension programs are a sound investment in the future, these are not mandated services.
  • The Solid Waste Department is not a mandated service, however, the department has coordinated and funded recycling efforts to keep hazardous and nuisance waste from adversely impacting the quality of life in Lenawee County. From tire collections to coordination of the hazardous waste collection to a drop off station for those communities that do not have other recycling options, this department improves the environment in Lenawee County every day.
  • The Veterans Relief Fund is not mandated, however, it is an example of Lenawee County investing its resources in those who have served our country. The fund has provided emergency assistance to county veterans when they need it most. And the Veterans office in Lenawee County serves all of the veterans of the County overseeing nearly 50 million dollars in benefits and services to veterans.
  • Lenawee County residents have been very generous in donating land to the County to be used for parks. This investment in the future needs ongoing support from the County to maintain and improve the recreational opportunities at the parks.

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