What is G.I.S.?
G.I.S. stands for "Geographic Information Systems". It refers to a number of interconnected geospatial and table based datasets that can quickly display and sort information based on text criteria or locational filters. For example it can export the owner/mailing information for properties within 300 feet of a historical building or highlight all of the properties owned by a particular individual/company.

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1. Where are you located?
2. Is your G.I.S. online?
3. What is G.I.S.?
4. What are your office hours?
5. How accurate are your maps?
6. Do you cover all of Lenawee County?
7. How do I know where my property lines are?
8. I have G.I.S. Software, can I acquire Lenawee County G.I.S. Information?
9. Can I use GPS Coordinates to find my property lines?
10. Am I in a Flood Zone?
11. How many parcels are there in the County?
12. What is the highest point in Lenawee County?
13. What is the lowest point in Lenawee County?