Services & Programs

At Lenawee County Department on Aging, we are committed to providing a range of services and programs designed to enhance the lives of older adults in our community. Our goal is to promote independence, well-being, and quality of life for seniors.

Nutrition Services

Our Nutrition Services are dedicated to ensuring that older adults have access to nutritious meals that support their health and vitality. We offer various meal programs, including congregate dining and home-delivered meals, tailored to meet individual dietary needs. Our nutritious meals not only nourish the body but also foster social connections, creating a supportive community for seniors to enjoy their meals together or in the comfort of their own homes.

Home Services

The Home Services program is designed to assist seniors in maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment. We provide a range of supportive services that enable older adults to continue living independently in their homes. Our services include housekeeping, home maintenance, transportation assistance, and personal care support, allowing seniors to remain active and engaged in their communities while ensuring their well-being and security.

Through our Services and Programs, we aim to empower older adults in Lenawee County, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives and remain active members of our community.

Senior Centers

Our Senior Centers serve as vibrant hubs of activity and connection for older adults in Lenawee County. These centers offer a welcoming and inclusive environment where seniors can engage in a variety of activities, socialize with peers, and access valuable resources. From fitness classes to educational workshops, recreational activities, and health screenings, our Senior Centers cater to diverse interests and needs. Additionally, these centers host community events and outings, fostering a sense of camaraderie and creating opportunities for seniors to form meaningful friendships. Our dedicated staff and volunteers are committed to ensuring that seniors feel supported, empowered, and connected to a network that promotes overall well-being and an active, fulfilling lifestyle. Visit our Senior Centers to discover a community that celebrates aging and encourages personal growth and enrichment.