Lenawee County is pleased to announce that we now accept eRecordings.  This service is available to our banks, title and abstract companies, attorneys and customers.  eRecording is efficient, fast and secure.  We are only accepting certain documents at this time.  Please contact a vendor below to get a list.  This means you can submit documents electronically for recording with enhanced document tracking and reduced costs for postage and transportation.

​You will receive and can re-submit rejected documents in a fraction of the time, which improves the quality of your submissions and reduces rejections in the future.  It will eliminate payment errors.  You can stop writing checks.  Documents are returned instantly to you after recording.  All county recoding fees apply as they would for recordings submitted by mail or in person.

​Contact one of the vendors below to get started.

Corporation Service Company
Phone: (866) 652-0111

Phone: (800) 460-5657


Indecomm Global Services
Phone: (651) 766-2369

Phone: (888) 325-3365