Girls Wing Open Unit

Girls Open Unit is a learning environment where, education, self awareness, and change occur throughout daily interaction and therapeutic intervention. Each youth is encouraged to work to their potential and is provided insight and accountability for negative behaviors.

We currently offer two treatment programming options, a 90-day Substance Abuse Program and a long-term (6-12 month) Behavioral Modification Program.

Treatment Center

The girls treatment center is located on 35 acres in Lenawee County. The grounds include a recreational building, softball field, educational building, youth living center, and chapel. The youth living center has the capacity to hold 20 females.

Clinical Services
Residents are offered a variety of clinical services including:
  • Biweekly family therapy
  • Coordination with community-based mental health services
  • Daily group sessions/interventions
  • Weekly or as needed individual therapy sessions
  • Weekly or as needed meetings with assigned advisers
Educational Services
General and Special Education Programs are provided by Special Education Certified Teachers. The school is equipped with the 21st-Century learning tools such as computer labs, accelerated programs, and Promethean boards. Online learning opportunities through E2020 for credit recovery if offered, as well as ACT and GED preparation. In addition to the core curriculum, the school offers electives designed to help with basic life and employ-ability skills. These courses include On-line learning, Cooking (with Food Handler's Licensing), Health (with CPR certification), Web Design, and Literature